Week 40: changes in the public television and a new manager for Realitatea TV

Organisation chart changes in the public television, a ‘law of journalist’ project criticized by commentators due to its restrictions and a new brand identity for Antena 1. Mircea Radu, a popular show host, is to get back at the public television, while Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu changed the management of his Realitatea TV.

A reorganisation plan has been approved by the Council of Administration of the public television (TVR), according to HotNews.ro. The plan includes changes in the organisation chart and financial measures, taken over after the recent installation of Andi Lăzescu as a President and CEO. The public television has been steadily losing viewership during the last years.

Ioan Ghișe, a liberal MP, submitted to the Senate ‘The Law of the Journalist’, a project including restrictions in the practice of journalism such as a psychiatric evaluation, said Mediafax.ro. The initiative was vividly criticized by influential commentators, while Ghișe’s National Liberal Party said the MP didn’t have the party’s support for the legislative project.

Antena 1 launched a new brand platform, aiming to get a ‘brighter, more aspirational identity’, wrote Wall-Street.ro. The research and creative elements came from Synovate, Brand Tailors and Red Bee Media. The station ID’s:

Mircea Radu, one of the Romanian TV stars credited with top ratings at Antena 1, is to get back with an entertainment show at the public television (TVR), said Romanialibera.ro. Antena 1 has canceled ‘Din dragoste’, Radu’s top show, at half-2009; then, Radu was hired by the Minorities department at TVR.

Cătălin Popa stepped down from his number one position at Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu’s Realitatea TV, said Adelin Petrișor. His position was taken over by Stelian Tănase, the host of 3 X 3. After what seemed like an attempt to install Anamaria Lembrău as the editorial director at Realitatea TV, Popa was brought back due to protests in the Realitatea newsroom. Some other people at Realitatea, among which the one of Liana Alexandru, a TV presenter, left the station.

Also, according to Paginademedia.ro, Mirela Dragnea, one of the key business managers at Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu’s Realitatea-Cațavencu, resigned from her position as a financial director at Cațavencu SA, after the company’s fill-in for insolvency several months ago.

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