Week 36: Romanian companies go to Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia

Three companies operating in the PR and communication successfully extended their operations in three neighboring countries. A Republic of Moldova news television station may be watched now by Romanian viewers. Romanian newspapers cost between 0.2 and 0.5 Euro. The brands most liked by Romanian users of Facebook do not have pages dedicated to Romanian consumers. Romanian journalists taking a trip to New Zealand paid for by the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, planning to use cyanide in the exploitation of gold ore in central Romania, claim they behaved ethically.

Several Romanian PR & communication companies invested between 30,000 and one million Euro in the neighboring markets of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Republic of Moldova and Serbia. The revenues abroad made between 15% to 50% of their total respective business, Financiarul writes. The companies sampled were Neogen (online business), Brand Management (indoor advertisement), and Smart Point (communication & PR).

Jurnal TV is the name of the first Republic of Moldova television news station that may be seen by viewers in Romania. Hotnews.ro says the UPC television cable operator will include Jurnal TV in the roster of television stations it offers its customers in Romania. Jurnal TV started to operate in Chisinau, in 2009, and belongs to Jurnal Trust Media, a company with private ownership. The programs of Jurnal TV can be watched online at Jurnaltv.md.

Adevarul Holding (AH) tries to balance its costs with the revenues by hiking the price of the holding’s quality paper, Adevarul, according to the AH director Peter Imre, quoted by the paginademedia.ro. The price for the Adevarul daily went up from 1.95 to 2.2 RON (around 0.5 Euro). Romanian newspapers are priced under 0.5 Euro, with tabloids ranging around 0.2 Euro.

The brands best liked by Romanian users of Facebook have no pages dedicated to Romanian consumers, Dailybusiness.ro writes. Coca-Cola, Vodafone and Starbucks are the first three best known brands in Romania, according to the RoFacebook Survey. Starbucks, Coca-Cola, or H&M have no pages dedicated to the online community in Romania.

The controversy goes on around the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC) paying for the New Zealand trip of prominent Romanian journalists. RMGC plans to use cyanide in the exploitation of gold ore in central Romania, a topic highly controversial in Romania and in Europe. Four of the journalists stated they infringed upon no ethical norm regulating their profession, Paginademedia.ro writes. It quotes Robert Turcescu (former journalist of the Realitatea-Catavencu media group), Vlad Macovei (editor-in-chief of Evenimentul zilei), Doru Buscu (editorial director with Academia Catavencu publication) and Roxana Voloseniuc (editor-in-chief of Elle Romania). Also last week Ziarul Financiar carried “The Story Of The Gold Speculator Behind The Rosia Montana Affair,” which was dealing with Thomas Kaplan, a shareholder at the Gabriel Resources, the company controlling RMGC.

Andrei Tinu, the out-of-wedlock son of the former Adevarul daily owner Dumitru Tinu – deceased in 2003 – asked the current owner of Adevarul Holding Dinu Patriciu for damages in a court of law, Mediafax.ro writes. For a few years now, Tinu-junior took to court his step-sister to claim part of his father’s wealth. Patriciu’s stance is that he paid all his dues to the other members of the Tinu family.

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