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9 mistakes companies often make on the internet

I think it was 2001 or 2002 when I first got involved in an online communication project related to a company (it was Coca-Cola). Back then it was called e-marketing or e-presence. Now it is called interactive, direct marketing, special projects, social networking, PR 2.0 and so on. Based both on my own experience and also on others projects, which I’ve studied in order to be able to come up with good solutions for my customers, I’ve assembled a list of DON’Ts or common mistakes companies usually make online.

  1. Too much control, perfectionism. Successful companies search for perfection with their their products and services, launched in a competitive climate and carefully tailored to consumers’ needs. Blogging and social platforms have a very different philosophy, consisting of spontaneity, reaction speed, lightness, tolerance for error. Unlike printed texts, blog posts can be corrected after publication and if mistakes are not brutal, there will be very little frustration and criticism because of them.  Continue reading

Adrian Sarbu lanseaza o tv de business si una de sport

CNA a acordat companiei Pro TV SA licente pentru Business Club si Info Sport. Emisie criptata, probabil din septembrie.

Se contureaza o nisa de televiziuni de business: cea a lui Adrian Sarbu, cea anuntata de SO Vantu si deja existenta Partener TV.

Interesanta este si licenta solicitata si obtinuta pentru o televiziune de sport. Se vorbea despre implicarea lui Adrian Sarbu in TV Sport si un pachet de actiuni. Cert este, deocamdata, numai faptul ca Pro TV asigura (inca) managementul TV Sport. De actiuni ale lui Adrian Sarbu la acest post pare sa nu mai poata fi vorba.