Northfoto deschide birou în București

Northfoto, agenție de imagine, deschide un birou în București. E o veste oarecum importanta pentru mine personal, fiindcă Mark Milstein, boss-ul Northfoto, a apelat la mine pentru un studiu de piață care s-a făcut acum câteva luni. Un client pe care l-am obținut prin Povestea cu imagini la rezoluție mai mică și prețuri între 1 și 5 euro vine după o sugestie dintr-un chestionar de-al meu. E o posibilă ofertă pentru bloggeri.

Campania on-line.

4 thoughts on “Northfoto deschide birou în București”

  1. Vlad: site-ul e B2B, oamenii pe care am făcut panel zic că are facilități foarte bune. Sigur că se poate și mai frumos, dar la astfel de concepte e importantă funcționalitatea.

    Cât privește promovarea, da, nu are nimic de-a face cu virale, asta e și părerea mea.

  2. Citesc cu stupefactie stirea despre cresterea cu 500% a veniturilor Northfoto in Romania (adevarat, a plecat dela catvea sute de euro) si despre agentiile pe care le reprezinta. Cel putin 5 agentii pe care agentia le are in lista de preprezentare nu stiau acum cateva luni ca Northfoto le vinde imagini si in Romania. Am citit pe undeva ca detin in portofoliu de imagini Annie Leibowitz ceea ce este o mare eroare/minciuna. Acest lucru se poate verifica la agentia careo reprezinta pe Annie Leibowitz, Contact Press

  3. Warning: Northfoto/Mark Milstein
    Esteemed Colleagues,
    As many of us do, I keep an eye out in the world press for where my images run, and which agencies offer them via syndication from other agencies. As well, I and a few colleagues do this for each other. The purpose is not exclusively to “catch” an unauthorised use, but just to monitor what is running, via which agencies/sub-agencies, and how sales are reported to the photographer.

    A colleague pointed out to me that Northfoto, based in Hungary/Romania, and run in part by American Mark Milstein, had quite a number of my images from Serbia, and from around the world, syndicated from a US agency.

    I wrote to Mark about one month ago, a courteous email asking if he could do a quick search for sales, and get back to me. I received no reply. I sent a second email reminder a couple days ago, and his response was: “I am sorry but I have no idea of who you are. Honestly, what do we have to do with your images at X agency?”

    My request was unambiguous and clear, but I repeated it in reply. ‘Friend of xx. Yes, you have many of my images,obviously syndicated to you by x agency. Searching not only my
    name, but my number code brings up many.
    Again, please inform me of sales to
    cross check x agency’s reports to me.
    This is standard courtesy in the
    business.Thank you,’

    Mark’s reply seemed evasive in referring back to the agency whose sales reports I was cross-checking: “Yes, you are right. We have some of your images. About 30 of them.If there were ever any sales, then x was told of them.If they have not mentioned it to you in a sales report, this means you have no sales through us.”

    I replied: ‘If I am not mistaken, xx searched not only my name, but a code, something like _g?? and found many more. This includes much
    politics and performing arts from Serbia.
    My request was customary, reasonable, and clear. If Northfoto is not willing to clarify to me any prior sales, but instead refers me back to the agency that I want to confirm, I will have no choice but to demand you remove all of my images from Northfoto.’

    Mark wrote: “Your images will be removed within the hour.”

    In the past, photographers customarily had the contractual right to audit an agency’s books. I have never done this, but preferred simply to quietly monitor, for myself and my friend/colleagues. After denying he knew who I was, he misrepresented the quantity of images on file. Mark/Northfoto’s evasive and uncooperative demeanor, and erroneous information, throw their integrity into doubt.
    Proceed with caution.

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