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Week 38: 2011 might be the year the media market goes back on growth

Next year might the first for the media market to go back on growth, after the sector shrank for the past two years. S.O. Vîntu alleges persons close to President Traian Băsescu asked him to give up part of his share in the Realitatea TV news channel. The new public television manager tries to cut on losses and hike viewership. Adevărul Holding to go into the television market and go publicly listed abroad. Continue reading

Week 37: Vîntu spends his first days in custody

Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu was taken into custody for helping a convicted criminal. MPs with the ruling party plan to censor print and online media outlets. Romanian news sites have higher advertising rate-cards than The New York Times. Romanian online advertising market is going down, while European-wide it is on the way up. TV stars from Romania get shows in the Republic of Moldova. Continue reading


Week 36: Romanian companies go to Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia

Three companies operating in the PR and communication successfully extended their operations in three neighboring countries. A Republic of Moldova news television station may be watched now by Romanian viewers. Romanian newspapers cost between 0.2 and 0.5 Euro. The brands most liked by Romanian users of Facebook do not have pages dedicated to Romanian consumers. Romanian journalists taking a trip to New Zealand paid for by the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, planning to use cyanide in the exploitation of gold ore in central Romania, claim they behaved ethically. Continue reading

Week 35: Dogan Media Group may leave Romania

The Dogan Media Group (Turkey), which controls the Kanal D television channel, may decide to leave Romania. This would be a second major pull-out after the WAZ group, which sold its control package in the Romania libera daily. The Executive and the media in Romania are in full fledged conflict, after the Government decided to levy more taxes on intellectual rights’ earners, which includes the journalists. A Romanian media owner was indicted for blackmailing a major beer company. A global study on the use of the Internet showed Romanians are champions about using the instant messaging, but not so when using online transactions or social networks. Continue reading

Week 34: Vîntu ready to sell his assets; Facebook at 1.65 million Romanian users

The Realitatea-Cațavencu media group is for sale, according to Evenimentul zilei. Romanian media are facing a deep crisis but the worst is yet to come. Facebook, growing rapidly to 2 million users in Romania. Media managers came amid a Rosia Montana controversy. A small company will launch a TV station for villagers. In “The moves of the week”: Robert Turcescu left Realitatea Catavencu. Continue reading