Why you’re seeing what you’re seeing

In case you’ve visited Comanescu.ro before – and there have been over 888,000 unique clients on this blog since February 2006, the date of its launch – you may have noticed something has changed in January 2018. It’s not red anymore, it’s blue, and whatever I do for a living (the Portfolio stuff) has moved to BrandedCont.net, our company site. 

Compared to whatever exists today online, Comanescu.ro is antediluvian (or pre-Facebook, at least). It will complete 12 years of existence in 2018, it has over 1,75 million page views and it went through four other versions before this one. Helped by my friends at HotNews in the beginning, I’ve invented the media-communication niche on the Romanian online. I got two awards for it, in times when blog awards existed in Romania (Roblogfest – 2010, 2011). Because of the awareness and credibility I’ve obtained with this blog I was offered to write a book for Humanitas (Cum să devii un Nimeni, 2009) and I was also able to make a beautiful and dreamy media & advertising magazine, The Industry (2011-2012). And these are only the direct benefits of what I’ve been doing here for 11 years.

The problem is, in terms of media, advertising and other types of communication, there was less to comment about during the last years. You might have noticed the frequency of my posting steadily decreasing. The news that are worth commenting on the Romanian mass media market are maybe several per year and now you can find the evolution of the TV ratings and other similar things somewhere else. Maybe I’ve become increasingly bored, but being a media commentator is very difficult in a country where media has almost ceased existing as a responsible and creative industry. During the last years, my business also moved from consulting and legacy media customers to content on demand: branded content, custom publishing, technical writing and others. I’ll update the portfolio on BrandedCont.net whenever I and my beloved collaborators can boast with something new and beautiful.

This is why I don’t feel any constraints for Comanescu.ro anymore, in terms of traffic, topics and frequency of posting. These days I’m more interested in photography, travel, movies, business, some politics, books, music, digital and I’m more inclined to write long, carefully edited stories. I obviously won’t leave out media & communication, but I feel no pressure to write about it.

Comanescu.ro will simply be about what I like and what I’m interested in. No matter how specialized, high-brow or peculiar. In case you are that kind of reader, welcome!

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