Nu numai noi am avut bancuri cu secretarul general

Nu numai noi, ci si celelalte tari din fostul lagar socialist am avut mii de bancuri politice. Ben Lewis face in Prospect Magazine o trecere in revista a tipurilor de umor socialist, cu consecintele lor politice, si pune la indoiala caracterul cu adevarat subversiv al unora dintre ele.
Concluzii de felul:

Nothing illustrates better the inverted reality of communism: real problems could only be presented in a context of laughter, presumably so that one could always claim one was only joking. In this realm, where humour turns out to be a complex social dance, the idea of the joke as simply subversive breaks down.

Si mai la vale:

Jokes were to communism what myths were to ancient Greece: anonymous, oral stories which both represented and shaped people’s views and actions.

Pana la urma, stim si noi despre bancurile politice adaptate, in locul lui Ceausescu ar fi putut fi Brejnev sau Honecker sau Jivko. Asta s-ar fi potrivit foarte bine in Romania:

Did you hear the one about the sheep who tried to leave the USSR? They were stopped at the border by a guard??€¦. “Why do you wish to leave Russia?” the guard asked. “It’s the secret police,” replied the sheep. “Stalin has ordered them to arrest all the elephants.” “But you aren’t elephants.” “Try telling that to the secret police.”

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