(P) 5-Days internship at MWC Barcelona. And it’s paid!

So you’ve clicked this link and you know what MWC means? This is not a vacation proposal, but an internship offer from Legba, an American telecom/RAN company doing development in Romania and BrandedCont.net‘s beloved customer.

What are we looking for? Two young ladies, able to present themselves profesionally, competent in English language, with technical knowledge, that would like to take part in the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 2018 (26 February-1 March), on a marketing support position.

What we are asking

  • Technical skills at the level of a terminal year student at Electronics/Automatics. It doesn’t matter where you got them – at the University, in hackatons or on a forum, but if you do understand how Linux works, that a network is made from protocols and layers, that should be enough
  • Soft skills: interaction with potential clients
  • Conversational English. You don’t have to have an Oxbridge or Mid-Atlantic accent, but to be able to talk to people. Actually, being able to understand the most diverse and exotic English accents is more important
  • Look matters, but it doesn’t mean ‘top model’. If we wanted pretty faces, we could have hired them in Barcelona. We need people that are able to understand our products
  • Age: 21-30 y. It’s a temporary, junior position, that might, maybe, lead to something else.

What we are providing

  • Travel expenses (plane tickets, accomodation, meals) in full
  • 12 hours of demanding work per day. Not a lot of free time for Barcelona tourist attractions. But we should be able to see some 🙂
  • Training for eNodeB/BTS
  • a daily fee to compensate your efforts.

Bureaucratic stuff

  • send us an  or send a message on Fb.com/iulian.comanescu with a resume and a photo, until Jan. 21
  • the accepted candidates will be scheduled for interviews
  • you have to have a valid ID Card or passport at departure time.

Acest post este un advertorial. Fotografie: © GSMA.

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