Inca o cronica la “Lazarescu”: sistemul sanitar romanesc e o “gluma macabra”

Din “The Scotsman”, despre moartea domnului Lazarescu “Why Romania’s health service is a sick joke” (“De ce sistemul sanitar romanesc e o gluma macabra” – mai bine nu m-am priceput sa traduc “sick”).

The Death Of Mr Lazarescu feels as if it unfolds in real time. It runs for more than two and a half hours and tests the patience and yet it is not something you would readily abandon. The grim experience of one person opens a window on to the soul of an entire country. It also conveys something of the pain, sorrow and struggle of simply being human in a world that works to crush any expression of solidarity or concern. The result is an oppressive, claustrophobic production with a lingering, melancholic aftertaste.

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