De ce ne uitam la televizor (noi, americanii destepti)?

James Morris face in “The Wilson Quarterly” un tur panoramic al grilelor TV de pe principalele retele americane. Gasim destule nume cunoscute la noi, de la “Lost” la “Dragul de Raymond”. Morris explica motivele care il tin pe el in fata televizorului: e pe alocuri mai putin idiot decat filmele de Hollywood, cartile bune sunt mai greu de gasit in ziua de azi, iar piesele de teatru nu sunt nici ele tocmai ok.
Un paragraf cu miez:

What I admire most about these shows, and most deplore about contemporary movies, is the quality of the scripts. The TV series are devised and written by smart people who seem to be allowed to let their intelligence show. Yes, the individual and ensemble performances on several of the series are superb, but would the actors be as good as they are if they were miming the action? TV shows are designed for the small screen and cannot rely, as movies do, on visual and aural effects to distract audiences. If what´s being said on TV isn´t interesting, why bother to watch? Television is rigorous, right down to the confinement of hour or half-hour time slots, further reduced by commercials. There´s no room for the narrative bloat that inflates so many Hollywood movies from their natural party-balloon size to Thanksgiving-parade dimensions.

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