Ce face Sarbu la Praga?

Recent numit in pozitia de manager pe Europa Centrala al CME (si ulterior promovat la 1/4 de COO), Adrian Sarbu s-a mutat partial sau total, temporar sau definitiv la Praga si reorganizeaza TV Nova in patru divizii, dupa modelul aceluiasi Pro TV. Sursa: Czech Business Weekly, articol aici, de Marius Dragomir.

Articolul citeaza forumisti si bloggeri care zic ca Sarbu va da la Nova filme in reluare, de cate sase ori, si alte chestii caracteristice pentru grila Pro. Eu, unul, nu cred ca GM-ul nostru de export va da pe TV Nova reluari ale filmelor de pe TV Nova. Cel mult, reluari ale telenovelelor de pe Acasa TV.

A, citat picant aici:

Between 1997 and 2001, CME was scolding Sarbu for the preferential treatment he was giving to production and servicing entities controlled by him, thus harming competition on the production market. In 2005, CME started to make public these practices in their official reports. In a report filed for the SEC, CME stated that it paid some $12 million for production or other services from companies �related or connected� to Sarbu during that year, twice as much as in 2004.

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