My Vernaccia Nera hunt at its origins

There’s only one way to really know a wine and that’s going to its birthplace. Or at least that’s what I’ve done during a trip to Marche, Italy, in search of the Vernaccia Nera and all things Fontezoppa. Or Fonte Zoppa, which literally means The Fountain of the Lame. (more…)

Shantel about party music as a political phenomenon, South East Europe’s contribution to the EU and his roots in Cernăuți

Stefan Shantel, a German musician with Bukovina Jewish and Greek roots, became famous in Romania due to the two very successful sets he performed at Balkanik 2014 and 2015. He is something close to a global underground celebrity – whatever that may mean – due to ‘Disko Partizani’, a hit he launched in 2007, combining electro with Balkan music. In September this year, he released ‘Viva Diaspora’, an album more related to his Greek roots, conceived as a road movie, ‘cinema for the ears’, in Athens, with contributions from renowned local musicians such as Areth Ketime or Imam Baildi.

I’ve interviewed… Read more »

The end of print media? More like the end of the print crisis…

The Romanian print advertising market has decreased, since the beginning of the crisis, from roughly 80 million to a value estimated between 24 and 27 million in 2011 (Mediaedge:cia and Initiative Media for The Industry). 2011 is the first year when print spendings will go below the Internet budgets. Titles such as “Gândul” have closed their paper edition (April 2011), while “Adevărul” lost more than two thirds of its sold circulation, since the first months of 2010. The crisis stroke badly the print segment of the media market, because economic fragility became an open door for the politicians’ and… Read more »

9 mistakes companies often make on the internet

I think it was 2001 or 2002 when I first got involved in an online communication project related to a company (it was Coca-Cola). Back then it was called e-marketing or e-presence. Now it is called interactive, direct marketing, special projects, social networking, PR 2.0 and so on. Based both on my own experience and also on others projects, which I’ve studied in order to be able to come up with good solutions for my customers, I’ve assembled a list of DON’Ts or common mistakes companies usually make online. Too much control, perfectionism. Successful companies search for perfection with their their… Read more »

Week 43: The Realitatea phone conversation transcripts controversy

A scandal related to some phone conversation records of Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu, Realitatea-Caţavencu’s owner, and his managers spread throughout most of the 18-26 October week in the Romanian media. Romania has slipped to no. 52 from 50 in the Freedom Press Index, and the public television is planning some savings by cancelling transmissions from some sports events and sublicensing the Olympic Games in 2012. (more…)

Week 42: Dire straits continue at Realitatea-Caţavencu

The resignations from the Realitatea-Caţavencu group continue with one of the key managers, while a Romanian entrepreneur sold an epayment platform to Naspers. A Romanian cable company started an italian operation, and two advertising adgencies have merged. iPhone 4 is to be available for Vodafone customers too, and Kanal D might be subject of a transaction between Dogan and an international group. (more…)

Week 38: 2011 might be the year the media market goes back on growth

Next year might the first for the media market to go back on growth, after the sector shrank for the past two years. S.O. Vîntu alleges persons close to President Traian Băsescu asked him to give up part of his share in the Realitatea TV news channel. The new public television manager tries to cut on losses and hike viewership. Adevărul Holding to go into the television market and go publicly listed abroad. (more…)