Britnei si imaginea ei

Britney Spears a aparut la ‘Dateline’, pe NBC, aratand ca dracu’ si clefaind guma tot timpul. Robin Givhan de la ‘The Washington Post’ presupune ca fardul pus aiurea, decolteul cat punga de un leu si alte acareturi au fost etalate de Britney cu buna stiinta, fiindca starleta vrea sa scape de paparazii care se tin dupa ea si o prezinta intr-o lumina tot mai proasta.


Zice Robin Givhan:

Why would Spears, with money and style professionals at her disposal, greet a television crew looking so terribly two-bit? In the world of celebrities, physical perfection — or the appearance of it — is a requirement of the job.

But Spears wore her do-it-yourself raggedness with rigorous intent. If the point of the interview was to curry sympathy and concern from viewers, then Spears reached for a costume to make her pitch. Here were the inarticulate mewlings of a starlet who has plummeted from her pedestal — a free fall without the safety net of a stylist. See what the paparazzi have done to me? See what the rumors have wrought?

Cititi toata povestea, in engleza.

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